Dragon Art Of Defense   ~  January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell


Dragon Art of Defense by Dragon James Fell is a specialized combination of techniques and philosphies from eastern and western teachings based on common sense for our times and age-old Japanese and Chinese defense methods that enable you to rise above any danger.


Japanese influences…
Japan Karate Association, Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Jujitsu, Kendo, Judo, Bushido

Chinese influences…
Kung Fu, Gung Fu, Chinese Boxing, Wing Chun, Chin Na, JKD, Lee Jun-fan Jeet Kune Do Philiosophy

The Art Of Defense

The Art of Deflection

The Art of The Open Hand

The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Imagination ~ Spirit ~ Knowledge

Positive Thinking




We will think our way out of an attack.
We will talk down the attack.
We will deflect the attack.
We will strike if necessary.

By using our imagination, our heart, our spirit, our knowledge, our enlightenment, our confidence, our positive thinking, our training, and our power, we will overcome the opponent, the attacker, the foe.


The Falcon - Art Of DefenseAbout The Teacher
Chinese Year of the
(Dragon James Fell)
(aka The Falcon)

Over 45 years ago in 1967, I was introduced to Japanese Martial Arts, Shotokan Karate, oriental enlightenment, training, and the experience. Then 5 years later , Chinese Martial Arts, and Kung Fu. I’ve decided to share my self defense techniques, imagination, spirit, knowledge, enlightenment, confidence, survival, and Power, which has aided and protected me from many entanglements and fighting over the years with many opponents.

  • At age 15 I joined the Japan Karate Association and trained primaraly in Shotokan Karate, exclusively with Japanese instructors, with some Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo, Bushido and Ninjutsu
  • By age 20 I started training with various Chinese martial artists to learn Gung Fu, Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, Wing Chun, Chin Na and Jeet Kune Do
  • To present day I’ve practiced in various dojos and gyms with instructors and individuals around the country
  • I’m currently practicing and teaching students on a regular basis

In The Beginning ~ (the good old days)

Japanese Martial Arts

Japan Karate Association

Shotokan Karate

Whats Happening Now
( the later years )

Chinese Martial Arts

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Chinese Gung Fu

There are many aspects of Japanese and Chinese culture and martial arts philosophy that I truely love, and in developing the Art Of Defense for myself ( Jeet Kune Do), I recognized and realized that more than any other martial art and philosophy, I progressed and stablized into the martial art of Chinese Wing Chun Gung Fu with a strong influnce of the Jeet Kune Do philosophy.





Balance Of Dragons




Wei Wu Wei


Yin and Yang



Art Of Defense